Tempe Defensive Driving Classes


Looking for a reliable defensive driving course provider in Tempe? Look no further! Here at Jacob’s Defensive Driving, we offer the best defensive driving course in Tempe, Arizona. With us, you can rest easy, knowing that your violation would soon be erased, and you can get back on the road with a clean record.

Who Can Take The Tempa Defensive Driving?

In the state of Arizona, not all driving violations can be erased. There is an eligibility criteria comprising of certain breaches that are allowed to be removed with a defensive driving course.

If you have been issued a ticket, and advised by the court to attend a defensive driving course, then you should take the course. Here is the list of violations that are approved by the Arizona State to be removed with a defensive driving course:

  • Your violation did not result in a death or an injury
  • You do not own a commercial driver’s license
  • The violation for which you were issued a ticket is not set for a hearing
  • 12 months should have passed since the violation

How You Can Benefit From Jacob’s Defensive Driving in Tempe

With Jacob’s Defensive Driving in Tempe, you are guaranteed to gain numerous benefits. Have a look:

No Hidden Charges

We are transparent with you from the start to the end. The pricing would be clear to you, and we would not charge you in the middle of the course to download certificates or before the processing of your payment.

Certified By The Arizona Supreme Court

Our course meets all the requirements set by the Arizona Supreme Court. This means that once you take our course, you can remove that nagging ticket from your record successfully.

Easy Log In, Log Out Process

The access to the course is easy. There is no limit to when you can access it, which makes it easy for you to take the course as per your comfort and flexibility.

Interactive Course

The course itself is highly interactive, including animations and other unique learning methods. This will ensure that you can learn having fun.

Responsive Design of the Course

Our course can be accessed from any electronic device. So, if you want to take the course on your laptop at home, and pick up from where you left on your smartphone during your commute to work, you can do so. The responsive design will not ruin the experience for you.

Why Take Defensive Driving in Tempe?

Taking a defensive driving course in Tempe would help you clean your record and gain back the points you lost. In Arizona, you can lose points depending upon the severity of the driving violation. And if the points accumulate up to 8 or more, you can have your driving license suspended. The only way to gain them back (if you are eligible) is taking a defensive driving course.

Apply for Jacob’s Defensive Driving Course today and clean your record!