Teenage Driver—Tips To Stay Safe While Driving

Teenagers can be quite reckless, especially when it comes to driving. They often think that they are invincible and nothing can harm them. However, they are mistaken.

According to research, one of the leading causes of death amongst people between the ages of 15-19 is accidents (unintentional injuries). Keeping these statistics in mind, here are some ways in you can stay safe while driving:

Put your cell phone away

We know that these days life is almost unimaginable without cell phones. However, you might want to know that driving while talking on your phone is almost as dangerous as driving under influence.

It is the same with texting while driving. Statistics from 2015 show that forty two percent of the students reported to have sent a text message while driving.

Some might argue that they use headphones to talk on their phones while driving. However, that does not eliminate the risk of getting into an accident. There is a reason why, in many states, texting while driving is banned. It prevents drivers from taking their surroundings into account and increases the chances of accidents.

Avoid other distractions

Every year almost nine people lose their lives in accidents, which involve distracted drivers because of which it is important that when you are driving your car, you make sure that your focus is only on the road ahead.

Some people like to listen to music while driving. Others enjoy eating a snack while driving. You need to know that these harmless activities can sometimes result in your mind wandering off.An inexperienced driver can easily lose control of his or her vehicle due to these distractions.

Do not ignore the speed limit

It is quite tempting to match the speed of other cars on the road. However, speeding is one of the major causes for car accidents.

Slow down! Shift to the slow lane and drive at a normal speed. Always remember “It is better to be late than never”.

Apply for defensive driving courses

In the last couple of years, the number of road accidents has increased. In order to ensure safety on the road, people are now turning towards defensive driving.

Defensive driving refers to being aware of traffic at all times and planning your route in such a way that you avoid getting into any kind of trouble while driving. Certain defensive driving tips include:

  • Avoid getting into confrontations with aggressive drivers
  • Using tools like Google maps to avoid areas which have excess traffic
  • Properly using mirrors in your car to keep track of the vehicles around you

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