What are the Techniques of Defensive Driving?

Erratic driver behavior continues to be a leading factor when it comes to motor vehicle collisions and deaths in Arizona, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s annual Motor Vehicle Crash Facts report.

Statistics collected by the report show traffic fatalities and accidents on local roads and highways have increased drastically! In 2016 alone, 962 people were killed in vehicle crashes representing an increase of 7.3%!

How can the number of vehicle crashes and fatalities decrease? How can drivers on the roads of Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Phoenix ensure safety for themselves and other drivers?

Signing up for state approved defensive classes is an excellent way to achieve this result! What is defensive driving?

Defensive Driving – What Does It Do For Us  

Signing up for defensive driving classes in Arizona will help reinforce knowledge of safe driving practices as well as traffic rules to currently licensed drivers.

Additionally, taking these classes can Arizona safer for drivers and pedestrians, reducing the number of accidents and fatalities.

How else does learning defensive driving benefit drivers? Taking this course equips drivers with a set of skills allowing them to defend themselves against possible collisions caused by drunk drivers, poor weather, or bad driving of others…

Learning defensive driving gives drivers excellent pointers and advice on how to spot road hazards, acting immediately once identified.

Be a Better Driver – Tips for Defensive Driving

It’s a good idea to learn and implement defensive driving practices as this will make you more responsible on the road. Following are some tips for defensive driving:

  • Plan ahead for unexpected hazards and incidents on the road
  • Be able to control speed while driving
  • Be prepared to react suddenly according to other drivers on the road
  • Expect other drivers don’t know what you are thinking about what they should do
  • Respect other drivers use of the roadway
  • Be aware when driving in special roads or weather conditions
  • Be alert and avoid all distractions – use of cell phone or eating must be avoided

Basic Elements of Defensive Driving

Every theory has some basic principles that cover the entire concept for students for better understanding. Understanding how defensive classes work will become easy by grasping the following basic principles:

Visibility – Remember to actively check out what vehicles around your car are doing. Being alert and vigilant is important.

Space – This means keeping a ‘cushion of air or empty space’ around your vehicle. It gives time and enough room to the driver to act if a collision is about to occur in front or besides your vehicle.

Communication – This is the most important principle of defensive driving. It will help other drivers to know your vehicle is also there and what your next move will be, so other drivers can adjust accordingly.  

Do you wish to become a better driver than yesterday? Enroll in Jacob’s Driving and Traffic School defensive classes today!