Overcoming Your Driving Phobia: Here’s What You Do

Driving is liberating for most people, but there’re people who have a genuine fear of driving.

A fear of driving or vehophobia is quite common amongst people. If you take a moment to think of all that can go wrong while you’re driving, it’s understandable that it makes some people anxious.

However, driving phobia is also awfully inconvenient in today’s time. Do you really want to put aside a portion of your earnings every month to pay for public transport?

Instead of letting your fears take over, try doing the following to help you conquer it:

1. Learn the instructions

Uncertainty is always going to trigger fear. If you aren’t sure about what you’re supposed to do on the road, expect to get nervous and panic.

To avoid mishaps, familiarize yourself with rules of the road and your driver’s manual. Work with an instructor to learn good habits on the road and to build your confidence.

2. Try Exposure therapy

Exposure therapy when it comes to driving involves gaining exposure on the road. This means conquering your fears by getting into the car and being on the road.

Have a supportive and calm family member or friend sit in the passenger’s seat for guidance and moral support. Successful exposure therapy requires perseverance from your end—even if you have a few hiccups along the road, you need to keep at it; don’t let a few mistakes discourage you.

3. Work your way up

It’s completely understandable if you don’t want to be in the fast-lane on the highway or don’t want to take the freeway. Until you are completely comfortable on the road, take the longer route with fewer cars and slower speeds limit. Once your anxiety reduces, you can gradually work your way up.

4. Find ways to relax yourself

Many new drivers have nervous, sweaty palms when they first begin. Experiencing anxiety as a new driver isn’t uncommon.

Try some relaxation techniques to keep your anxieties under control. Do some deep breathing before you hit the road. Whenever you feel like they are creeping up on you, take some deep breaths again. Giving yourself a positive-talk also seems to calm people down; the idea is to keep yourself present and your emotions under control at all times. Repeat coping statements to yourself, it may seem silly but the positive reinforcement does help.

Are you a nervous driver in need of serious help?

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