Learning the Essentials of Defensive Driving

Whether you’re an experienced driver or a beginner on the road, learning defensive driving can only help you in the long run. With the help of our expert driving instructors, we offer some of the basics of defensive driving so you can know how defensive driving can improve your skills.

Here’s What Defensive Driving Lessons can Do For You

  • Improve Your Focus Whilst Driving

The first thing you’ll learn in your defensive driving course is how to narrow your focus while driving. You’ll learn why it’s essential that you keep your eye on the road, rather than spend your driving time talking on your phone, texting or eating. Defensive driving explains why it’s illegal to use your phone whole driving and will offer tactics on how you should keep all your attention on the road.

  • Be Aware

You’ll learn how to scan your surroundings and be more aware of what a situation may entail. For example, if you’re driving in a suburban area, these lessons will train you on watching for pedestrians, pets and how to brake if someone happens to cross your path. You’ll also learn about the two-second rule, which explains the right method of giving yourself two seconds of distance from the car in front of you.

  • Be More Alert

It will also emphasize the importance of being mentally fit while driving. This means no driving if you’re under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, exhausted or ill. Even some over-the-counter medicine can make you drowsy and hinder your awareness. These lessons will educate you on the consequences of driving while under the weather and why you shouldn’t.

  • Obeying the Law

You’ll learn the right way of maintaining the posted speed limit, making smooth u-turns and determining the traffic conditions if you’re about to head into the rush. Defensive driving can help you in many ways since it mostly focuses on road laws to guide you, so you’ll learn a lot about the rules in your area as well.

  • Maintaining Your Car

And by that, we don’t just mean its cleanliness. Defensive driving goes into the depth of the skill and your vehicle as well and shows you how good maintenance can help you drive better. For example, one thing we learn in defensive driving class is how old shock absorbers can increase your distance if you brake suddenly. By urging you to make the extra effort, these classes keep you safe and help you save a lot of money in later repairs as well.

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