Learning the Details of a Defensive Driving Test

Nobody is perfect. In fact, the best of us are always striving to better and improve ourselves – at work, when treating other people, or when driving.

Have a lot of years passed since you last sat behind the wheel of a car? Circumstances can force people to take up driving once again – either for other people or themselves. Yes, driving a car is a skill that always remains fresh in the minds yet what about the traffic rules and regulations of Arizona?

Benefits of Defensive Driving Class

It’s a good idea to reinforce knowledge of the road as well as safe driving practices. This is where defensive driving courses come in the picture! Drivers can sign up for defensive driving classes in Phoenix, either online or in a classroom setting, according to their own preferences.

In fact, it’s recommended that Arizona drivers and those from out-of-state should enroll in state approved defensive driving classes to avoid or dismiss a traffic violation.

Defensive Driving Course Details

It doesn’t matter if you choose the online defensive driving class or learn in a classroom setting as both formats will cover the following topics:

  • Safe driving practices
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Arizona traffic laws and violations

Each course includes about 4 to 4 ½ hours of study and practice from the course material. Students of this course receive a completion certificate upon course completion, which can be submitted to the court or insurance company as needed.

Are you thinking of enrolling in a defensive driving class to brush up on your knowledge of traffic rules and violations? Taking a typical defensive driving class will cover the following elements:

  • Dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol (DWI or DUI)
  • Statistics of traffic accidents, including times most crashes happen
  • Thorough dynamics of a car crash. This covers how speed, place of impact, and size of vehicle can make a collision severe
  • Crash prevention techniques and tips
  • Risks of driving while stress, angry, or fatigued
  • Extensive study at safety equipment. Highlighting importance of head rests, seat belts, air bags, and child safety seats

Defensive Driving Course Test – What to Expect

Just like taking a test for your driver’s license, you will be required to give a test of defensive driving upon course completion. The test will include questions designed according to real-life situations that can happen while driving.

Students taking the test will choose from the best possible way they can handle that situation in a better manner or avoid it altogether!

Are you willing to put your road knowledge to the test? Sign up for online defensive driving classes from Jacob’s Driving and Traffic School, learning the ways of the jungle from expert drivers!