Importance of Road Safety and Defensive Driving

The automobile industry is introducing new and improved versions of cars to enhance driving experience and road safety. But even with these advanced features, around 1.2 million lives are lost around the world every year due to road accidents.

According to a report published by World Health Organization and World Bank, the number of car accidents will increase by 65 percent by 2020.

This high estimate is an indication that drivers are not following traffic rules or safety guidelines.

Around 20-25 percent of accidents in U.S. occur as a result of distracted driving. And when people disobey signal, drive while drunk or exhausted, or disregard speed limits, they can endanger many lives. In order to be a better and more responsible driver, it’s necessary that you learn how to drive defensively.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving helps make informed decision on the road. It is an easy way to get some points off your traffic record or reduce your car insurance premium. Defensive classes play a crucial role in making roads secure for all drivers.

Importance of defensive driving

Helps Increase Focus

Driving demands attention and alertness of the driver.

Defensive driving teaches drivers to find focus on the road and eliminate distraction inside the car.

Activities that cause you to take your eyes off the road can increase your chances of ending up in an accident. Therefore, avoid texting, talking on phone, fidgeting with music player or navigation while driving.

Your defensive class will teach you ways to adapt to the various stimuli around your vehicle, while remaining focused on the road.

Improve alertness

The cough syrup that you take for a common cold can be the reason behind your drowsiness while driving.

100,000 accidents are reported every year in U.S., between the 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. These hours are the peak time for your daily rhythm to kick-in, and put your brain to sleep. Defensive driving classes emphasizes the physiological and physical well-being of the driver. They might even conduct some online test to gauge your mental health.

Make you aware

Your driving school will drill ‘2-second rule’ in your mind. This means you need to keep significant amount of distance between you and the car in front of you. Drivers need to scan the road for obstructions or any unexpected turn, to react in a timely fashion.

Help follow the rules

Drivers might be aware of the general traffic rules, but there are many signs and hand signal that you need to know.

The number of stop signs and speed limits you disregard increases your chances of roadside hazards. Defensive driving classes make sure that drivers are fully aware of the law and traffic guidelines, before they hit the road.

Drive in poor climatic condition

Your course will educate you about safe driving methods for rainy and snow days. It will also teach you essential emergency protocols and improve your response time.

Importance of automobile upkeep

Bad tires, poor shock, or non-functioning brakes makes your car a death threat on the road. Before teaching you how to drive, defensive classes will teach you the importance of car maintenance.

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