The Essentials Of Defensive Driving

Make no mistake; driving in an urban area, during rush hour, is extremely stressful. Even a slightest mistake can result in dire consequences. Every year almost five million accidents occur in the United States.

Defensive driving is an effective way in which you can avoid getting into trouble while driving. At its core, defensive driving is all about driving safely. Here is a look at some of the essentials of defensive driving:

Avoid confrontations

There are certain drivers who are quite aggressive. It is best to avoid these kinds of drivers. Confronting them only creates further problems. Instead, diffuse the situation by apologizing first.

It might be hard, especially when you know you are not at fault but it is an effective tactic, which helps curb the aggression of the driver.

Stay alert

Defensive driving places a great deal of importance on staying alert at all times. This also means avoiding substances, which might affect your ability to focus on the road ahead of you. It is not just alcohol and drugs that you need to avoid.

Illness and exhaustion can also have an impact on your ability to drive. In such cases, make sure you have someone who can drive you back home.

Defensive driving is all about staying updated at all times. Tools like Google Map allow you to identify areas where there is too much traffic and avoid them.

When you are stuck in traffic, make sure that you maintain distance between yourself and the car in front of you. This helps make sure that you do not bump into the car in case the driver hits the brakes abruptly.

Make sure you follow the rules

Following the rules is an important part of defensive driving. This includes stopping at red lights, adhering to the speed limit, and signaling before switching the lanes.

Following the rules reduces the likelihood of an accident occurring.

It revolves around focusing on the road

There are many things that people do while driving. Some like to listen to music. Others use their cell phones to make calls or text.

However, the first thing that you will learn in a defensive driving class is that all of your focus should be on the road. The goal of the instructor is to instill a sense of responsibility in the driver.

They want the driver to realize that they are not just responsible for their own life but also for others.

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