Driving Safely in Arizona – What You Need to Know

When it comes to driving in Arizona, you need to know a few tit-bits about the weather and the road itself to keep yourself and your car safe and happy!

Tips on Driving in Arizona

Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car and wear them when you drive. Arizona enjoys the hot weather more than most states so you might get a lot of glare when driving. Wearing your sunglasses will allow you to see clearly.

Install sun visors in your windows. This prevents your dashboard from cracking and keeps you cool when you drive.

Invest in temperature-controlled steering wheel covers. The hot weather can often cause the leather on your steering wheel to heat up. Keep a towel on your car seat so the leather doesn’t burn your skin.

Never leave your pets or children inside your vehicle. The average temperature in Arizona can go up to 86.7 degrees. If your car is parked in the sun, the insulated temperature in your car may go even higher. Even with the windows rolled down, it is too much of a risk to leave your children or pets in the vehicle.

Never drive under the influence. While this law is mandatory in all states, Arizona has very strict laws against DUI.

Always wear your seat belt before you start your car. Never fumble around with the belt during driving.

Be prepared for the monsoon season. Have extra supplies such as an emergency kit, water and a charged cellphone when you go out. However, if the weather is too severe, wait it out. Most driving schools in Arizona instruct their students to pull their vehicle as far right as possible if in zero visibility conditions.

NEVER cross a flooded wash, even if the water doesn’t seem deep. The pressure of the water gushing can push your car over.

Consider getting a defensive driving course to be more cautious in case of accidents and emergencies.

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