What Does The DMV Have To Say About Defensive Driving?

Defensive Driving

Want to know everything about defensive driving? Here is what DMV has to say about this driving technique:

What Is Defensive Driving?

In addition to being a driving technique, defensive driving is a safe driving course that people enroll in order to remove traffic violations from their record. The goal of the course is to help people become safer drivers.

In this course, students are taught the importance of paying attention to the road at all times. A traffic emergency can occur unexpectedly and drivers need to be prepared to react in these situations.

In order to prevent accidents, drivers are also taught to maintain distance between their own car and the vehicle ahead of them and avoid road rage (confrontations with other drivers).

Why enroll in this course?

Some of the reasons people enroll in this course include:

  • In order to enhance their driving skills
  • Reduce or remove points from their driving record
  • Get a reduction on their insurance rates

However, there are certain violations like Driving under influence, which cannot be removed from your record by enrolling in a defensive driving class. Only movable offenses can be removed.

How Long Does This Course Last?

The duration of the course varies from state to state. On average, it lasts between 6-8 hours. It also depends if you are enrolled in a proper class or if you are taking an online course.

Requirements for Enrollment

You will need a valid non-commercial license in order to enroll for this course. Some people opt for defensive driving in order to reduce their insurance rate.

If you are one of them, make sure you first consult your insurance company and find out if they cover this clause. You won’t get a reduction on your insurance premium if you do not have a clean driving record.

Online or Classroom Courses

Online or Classroom Courses

It is always preferable that you go for a classroom course since you have direct access to instructors. You are also provided all the material you need in different formats.

On the other hand, online courses are a feasible option for people who have extremely busy schedules. You can take lessons whenever feasible for you and can adjust the pace according to your learning style.

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