Debate Continues: Why Should You Learn To Drive A Manual

Driving is a life-skill that must be learned by every individual. There is a little variation in the way you learn to drive; some might have learned driving on a manual car whereas, and others might have learned it on a stick-shift.

With advancement in automatic vehicles and increased need of fuel economy, more and more people are opting for manual cars. They are more convenient and hassle free. On the other hand, a school of thought believes that learning how to drive a stick is essential and makes a person a better driver. A recent survey showed that only 18% of American divers know how to drive a stick-shift.

In reaction to the changing demand car manufactures have also started introducing more and more automatic cars. People fear with high demand and supply of these cars, eventually there will be no stick-shift driver left on the road. So, if you are thinking of buying a car or taking your first driving class, here is why you should consider driving a manual.

Get control of your car

Road safety should be your motto, every time you sit behind a wheel.

Manual cars are designed with precision, to provide driver better control of the vehicle. Manual cars are smart and aid the driver in making better road-decisions. You can have better control over the car’s transmission.

Provides you fuel economy

Manual transmission cars are fuel efficient. They can provide you with added millage in less fuel, compared to its automatic counterpart.

Control over your speed requirement

Cars are beautiful machines with powerful engines. Their strength and capability can be tested once in a while on free-way. With a manual car, you can reach the sweet-spot of the speed limit, but this access of speed is taken away when one is driving an automatic car.

No more distracted driving

A manual car keeps both your hands occupied and prevents distracted driving. On the other hand, automatic car limits the driving tasks performed by the driver. This provides a lot of room for error, negligence and distraction while driving.

Master all cars

If you can drive a manual car, you can drive all other cars. Moreover, there are some car models that are only available in manual transmission. So, if you are a car enthusiast, learn how to drive a stick-shift.

Your travel partner

If you travel abroad frequently, chances are you will need a mode of transportation in the other country. Most of the rental-car services abroad offer manual cars; you can learn an advanced driving skill to adapt to any type of car in the world.

Cheaper repair

Manual cars are affordable and durable in every manner. They have fewer and cheaper repairs, making it easier on the pocket.

A manual car gives you better understanding of your car. It provides a real driving experience and makes you better prepared for the roads. Want to master your stick-shift? Jacob’s Driving & Traffic School offers defensive driving classes and driver’s license lessons to make driving effortless and safe. Call (602) 297-1000 to book a lesson now.