Learning to drive a manual transmission car, also known as a stick shift car, is much easier than you think! In this blog, we help you learn the basics of driving a stick shift car without stalling. If you are not able use the manual gears properly the first time, try again! Practice makes perfect and it will definitely take a while to get used to the manual transmission system. Manual transmission cars make upRead More

What is Defensive Driving?

Posted by driver-school on September 12, 2017
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Defensive driving is a type of training that enables drivers to learn how to avoid taking unnecessary risks while on the roads. Driving schools offering defensive driving courses teach drivers to deal with all kind of unexpected situations that can threaten their safety. The art of defensive driving involves quick thinking and a deep understanding of the practices needed to steer clear of road dangers. Defensive driving skills allow you to develop an enhanced senseRead More
Driving in wet weather conditions can be quite dangerous. Vigilant driving is required to prevent accidents from occurring. Avoid driving during heavy downpours, if it is possible, and stay indoors until the weather clears up. What should you do when driving on wet roads? Rain can worsen visibility conditions and reduce the grip of your vehicle’s tires. This increases chances of your car skidding out of control and crashing. Here are a few valuable tipsRead More
Practicing for your driving test is really important. However, what really matters is your performance during the test itself. Simple mistakes during a driving test can ruin your chances of getting a driving license. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind a few of the things that you should not do during a driving test. Every time you make an error, points will be deducted from your score. There are also certain critical mistakesRead More
Driving at night is much more challenging than driving in broad daylight. It can be quite dangerous if you fail to follow safety guidelines. The visibility level at night is quite low and it becomes difficult for drivers to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles and the distance they are at. Some people try to avoid driving at night because of the risks involved. However, this isn’t an option for everyone. Useful tips for drivingRead More
Foggy conditions can drastically reduce visibility and increase chances of road accidents taking place. In heavy fog, visibility can drop to only a few dozen meters. This makes it impossible for people to have enough reaction time to avoid collisions if they are driving too fast. The most effective way to avoid traffic accidents while driving in foggy conditions is by maintaining a slow and consistent pace.Read More
Driving aggressively on crowded roads is one of the major causes of traffic accidents in the United States. Reports show that the roads of American are getting deadlier with every passing year. Without a doubt, many valuable lives could be saved every year if drivers kept their emotions in check, and behaved appropriately while driving.Read More
Reckless driving claims thousands of lives in the United States every year. A report issued by the National Safety Council (NSC) states that over 38,000 people were killed and over 4.4 million were injured in various road accidents in 2015. Many tragic traffic accidents can be avoided by following simple traffic rules and regulations. Encountering a reckless driver on a busy road can be nothing short of a nightmare.Read More
Driving with your kids can be a fun experience. However, the absence of appropriate safety measures can lead to unpleasant incidents. In order to ensure that your kids remain safe while you are driving with them, follow the simple safety tips stated below:Read More