Driving is liberating for most people, but there’re people who have a genuine fear of driving. A fear of driving or vehophobia is quite common amongst people. If you take a moment to think of all that can go wrong while you’re driving, it’s understandable that it makes some people anxious.Read More

Automatic vs. Manual – Debating the Difference and Benefits

Posted by driver-school on January 22, 2018
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The debate has always been a heated one. Which one’s better, manual or automatic? Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. So which one would be – if not better – than a more optimal choice? Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of each option.Read More
When it comes to driving in Arizona, you need to know a few tit-bits about the weather and the road itself to keep yourself and your car safe and happy! Tips on Driving in Arizona Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car and wear them when you drive. Arizona enjoys the hot weather more than most states so you might get a lot of glare when driving. Wearing your sunglasses will allow you toRead More
As a new adult driver, you might feel a bit intimidated on the road, even after getting your drivers’ license. With so many road rules to learn and skills to perfect, the task can seem overwhelming. However, if you want to maintain your composure on the road, the best way to start is by following these three tips. #1: Take a Defensive Driving Course Defensive driving isn’t just for those who need to get rid ofRead More
According to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, six out of ten people fail their driving test, mostly because they’re not well-prepared or because they let their nerves get the better of them. So why not take this time out and learn a few tricks to help you pass the test the first time around? What to Do Before the Test Practice as much as you can before the day of your driving test. Hire aRead More
When you’re at the receiving end of a traffic ticket, your mind starts racing with all kinds of things to say to somehow change the cop’s mind. Honest conduct, polite or flirtatious talk is no sure fire way to avoid getting a ticket. Your number one goal should be to avoid being pulled over in the first place. Here are certain ways in which you can avoid being pulled over and getting a ticket:Read More
Most students choose an online traffic school to learn about defensive driving. As a comprehensive method of driving, defensive driving courses can be very useful, for beginners as well as experienced drivers. Mostly, clients learn defensive driving to: Qualify for an insurance discount Reduce points on the drivers’ license Dismiss parking tickets As such, it’s important that you choose the best source for your lessons. Basic Outline of Online Defensive Driving Courses Defensive Driving covers theRead More
Driving school may seem optional if you have family members or friends willing to teach you driving. But nothing can really replace the learning you get behind the wheel with a professional instructor by your side.Read More
If you are driving a car in the USA, there is a 1.3% chance that you will die in a car accident.Read More