The automobile industry is introducing new and improved versions of cars to enhance driving experience and road safety. But even with these advanced features, around 1.2 million lives are lost around the world every year due to road accidents. According to a report published by World Health Organization and World Bank, the number of car accidents will increase by 65 percent by 2020. This high estimate is an indication that drivers are not following traffic rulesRead More

Debate Continues: Why Should You Learn To Drive A Manual

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Driving is a life-skill that must be learned by every individual. There is a little variation in the way you learn to drive; some might have learned driving on a manual car whereas, and others might have learned it on a stick-shift. With advancement in automatic vehicles and increased need of fuel economy, more and more people are opting for manual cars. They are more convenient and hassle free. On the other hand, a schoolRead More
Sharp senses and fast reaction time can improve your driving experience. People who drive aggressively, tend to disregard signs, safety laws, and other vehicles on the road. This makes them a threat to others as well as themselves. Signs help in navigation and driver awareness. But you need to know the meaning behind these different colored signs, to be a better driver. Yellow Sign Yellow is the color of warning. This bright colored sign with bold-blackRead More

Real life lessons learned from driving – Infographic

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Driving tech you much more than the ways of the record. The rules we follow while driving can also apply to everyday life.  Read More
Driving can be quite scary for some people. They might suffer from a panic attack as soon as they get behind the wheel. If this sounds familiar, you too might be suffering from a driving phobia. There are several reasons you might be suffering from this. It can be because of a negative past experience or due to the fear of getting involved in an accident. Here is a look at some of the waysRead More
Driving in a crowded metropolitan area can be quite frustrating. Some people might end up violating traffic laws out of frustration. This is not just dangerous for them but also for other drivers.Read More
In 2016, 34,439 fatal car crashes occurred in the United States. The numbers have continued to grow over the years. This is where defensive driving comes in.Read More
Defensive driving is a skill that revolves around making sure that you stay safe while you are driving. This skill is essential, especially when one takes a look at the number of road accidents that have occurred in the United States in the last couple of years. In 2015 alone, 2.4 million traffic related injuries occurred in the United States. You want to make sure that you stay safe on the road. Here are some waysRead More
Driving can be stressful during a rush hour & slight mistake can have dire consequences.Read More
In the last couple of years, cars with automatic transmissions have become a lot more popular than cars with manual transmission. In 2017, 12.4 million cars with automatic transmission were produced in North America.Read More