How to Avoid Traffic Tickets

When you’re at the receiving end of a traffic ticket, your mind starts racing with all kinds of things to say to somehow change the cop’s mind. Honest conduct, polite or flirtatious talk is no sure fire way to avoid getting a ticket.

Your number one goal should be to avoid being pulled over in the first place.

Here are certain ways in which you can avoid being pulled over and getting a ticket:

Don’t drive notably faster or slower than others

When you’re driving fast or slow, you’ll stand out from other cars and make an easy target for cops. You’re likely going to be pulled over, and your license and registration will be checked. There are many reasons for ticketing, like no insurance or expired plates. Don’t give the cops the chance to pull you over. You are unlikely to be stopped if you are driving along with a pack of ten or twelve cars.

Don’t speed at night

Never speed at night, and especially after midnight. This is the time when cops are out hunting for drunk drivers. Speeding gives a very good reason for the cop to pull you over. Once a cop pulls you over, he will find to way to give you ticket.

Keep everything up to date

Remember that your goal is to never get pulled over in the first place. But if you are, you need to have your car registration, license plates and state inspection up to date. This is the only way to avoid getting a ticket.

A broken windshield or a brake light is a magnet for cops. Make sure to get them replaced as soon as it happens.

Watch out for Work-zones

There are certain work-zones where the speed limit drops by almost a half, and fines increase by almost a double. There are cops sitting right under such speed limit signs with a radar gun, waiting to issue tickets.

Watch surrounding cars carefully

You need to watch your surroundings carefully. Sometimes, the cars near you may start slowing down for no apparent reason; this indicates a speed-radar ahead. You should immediately slow down.

Don’t go above 5 mph (in the city) and 9 mph (on the highway)

Cops aren’t likely to pull you over within these ranges, as the radar guns may not pick up this speed. Trivial over-speeding could be challenged in court, so cops usually avoid ticketing within this range.

However, these rules may not apply near schools.

Learn about automated tickets

You may receive a ticket in your mail for over speeding that you did several weeks earlier. Several places, such as Washington and Phoenix, have these photo radars and the whole ticketing procedure is automated. Learn about the places which have photo radars and avoid speeding in those areas.

Learn defensive driving

Learning defensive driving is the best thing you can do to avoid getting tickets. Defensive driving is something that goes beyond knowing and following traffic rules. It’s a method by which the driver ensures safety, by anticipating other driver’s actions and responding accordingly. Moreover, it will teach you how to focus on the road and understand the psychological elements of driving.

You can take professional defensive driving classes from Jacob’s Driving & Traffic School, if you’re based in Maricopa County. Visit our website and check out the different classes we offer at affordable rates.