Automatic vs. Manual – Debating the Difference and Benefits

The debate has always been a heated one. Which one’s better, manual or automatic? Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. So which one would be – if not better – than a more optimal choice? Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of each option.

Manual Transmission

Manual transmission is usually the best option for those who want to be more involved with the inner workings of their car. The shift of the engine fears is in their hands and that’s how they prefer it. Older vehicles have manual transmissions, which is also the main reason why many prefer cars with manual transmission since:

  • Less Expensive: Cars with manual transmissions are more budget-friendly than their automatic counterparts. In fact, on average, cars of the same model with an automatic transmission are a thousand dollars more expensive than those with manual transmissions.
  • Cheaper to Maintain: Automatic transmissions have additional machinery, more than your average manual transmission. This also means they require more upkeep, and that can be expensive. With manual transmissions, all you need to focus on is the clutch and make sure it doesn’t quit on you.
  • Fuel Efficient:Overall, manual transmissions weigh less, are less complex and have more gears—these differences often  make up for better fuel efficiency compared to automatic transmissions.
  • Better Control: Manual transmissions give the driver better control over their vehicle. In comparison, automatic transmissions are inherently designed to stay cautious, which means drivers may experience irregular gear shifting at times. This is a problem for those looking for more control and optimized performance out of their vehicles.

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions have become more popular over the years because the driver doesn’t necessarily have to make a choice of picking the right gear. This offers drivers a better advantage, especially if they’re intimidated about driving. Here, are some of the other advantages:

  • Easier to Use: Changing gears efficiently while driving takes a bit of practice. Automatic transmissions give drivers the time to become more accustomed to driving and learning how different gears work.
  • Less Restrictive:An inexperienced driver would want to keep both their hands on the wheel at all times, not something you can do when you’re handling a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions take care of that issue and enable you to operate your car without any hitches.
  • Reduced Risk of Stalling: There aren’t many things as embarrassing than accidentally stalling your car. While this isn’t so common in vehicles with automatic transmission, it’s very common in cars with manual transmissions.
  • Easier to Use in Traffic:Even drivers, who favor manual transmissions, also agree that the gear shifting can be tiresome. And if you’re in heavy traffic, the constant starting and stopping can take its toll. Automatic transmissions allow you to move easily through traffic without doing more than pushing the pedal.

Learn how to Drive with a Manual and Automatic Transmission

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