Arizona Driver’s Test – Tips on Passing Your Test the First Time

According to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, six out of ten people fail their driving test, mostly because they’re not well-prepared or because they let their nerves get the better of them.

So why not take this time out and learn a few tricks to help you pass the test the first time around?

What to Do Before the Test

Practice as much as you can before the day of your driving test. Hire a licensed instructor to assist you to become more confident on the road.

Brush up on the road rules of your particular state. Arizona road rules differ from that of other states, so you might not be aware of those.

Get a good nights’ sleep. You need a clear head to stay focused when driving. Being sleepy while driving can almost assure a failing score.

Have a healthy breakfast at least an hour before your test, so you are physically and mentally prepared.

What to Do Before Starting the Test

Ensure that your vehicle for the test is in good condition. The doors and windows must be working properly, the hood and trunk must be properly secured and the tired should be in good condition.

Put on your seat belt and secure it tight.

Check your rear-view mirrors. Angle them so you can see beyond the side of your car, rather than just at your blind spot.

What to Do During the Test

Do not start your vehicle until the tester instructs you to do so, otherwise it will be counted as an automatic fail.

Don’t be hasty when making any adjustments to your seat, steering wheel and mirror. You need to be as comfortable as possible when driving. Your tester will give you the time to find your bearings.

Your tester will expect you to signal when you switch lanes or turn. Check your blind spot physically (turn your head and check) and be sure to give a signal when you pull away from a curb.

Do not drive too above or below the speed limit and keep an eye out for traffic signs.

Be prepared to change lanes if someone cuts in front of you. Be especially wary if you’re in a school district, and remember to stop for the school bus, regardless of which lane you are in. Also pull over and allow emergency vehicles to pass by.

Do not gun your engine. Come to a smooth stop at stop signs and signals and maintain control.

Stay within your lane.

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