Jacob’s Defensive

When you choose Jacob’s Driving School in Phoenix, Arizona you invest in developing important driving skills you will use everyday behind the wheel.

We have a courteous team of instructors who genuinely love what they do and promise to deliver practical driving classes to all students. Visit our driving school today and find out how you can get started.

Since the inception of our driving school we have been focused on providing the highest standard of classes, that eventually promote better driving and a sense of responsibility on the road. Our classes take pride in not just developing the most skilled of drivers, but also sensible, law abiding citizens. As such, we make the roads safer, one driver at a time.

All our driving instructors go through rigorous testing and training so that our students gain informative insight from each class. Every individual on our team is courteous, friendly and never afraid to help.

Our focus is not just to help you pass the driving test, but instill a sense of confidence and security every time you get in the driver’s seat.

All our services are designed to fit the unique needs of each student.

Browse our services and get started today.