3 Simple but Crucial Tips to Becoming an Ace Defensive Driver

”The cars we drive, say a lot about us” – Alexandra Paul.

How we drive also says a lot about us! In fact, there is a reason why some people are better drivers than others… and that has got nothing to do with their cars or the road in question.

However driving isn’t easy. It certainly looks and seems easy when on a straight and empty road but remember straight roads do not make skillful drivers!

Guess what? Driving can become easier after taking defensive driving classes! You can also utilize the following simple tips and become an ace defensive driver:

Look at the Big Picture

You must have heard this over and over again from your driver’s education instructor to get the bigger picture while driving. Do you know what this means? Everybody who took driver’s education won’t know what this means exactly!

Most drivers don’t understand the importance of getting the big picture or how they should even begin to consider the big picture. What does it mean to look at the big picture when driving?

Look as far down the road as is possible. It is equally important to look around and always keep eyes moving! The best practice is to scan mirrors, look left, look right, then look way down the road. Also, look for possible escape routes.

Always Buckle Up Before Driving

A lot of car accident fatalities could possibly be prevented each year, if the driver and other passengers just wore a seat belt. Every hour someone in America dies in a car crash, for not wearing a seatbelt.

In addition, wearing a seatbelt significantly reduces risk of injury in a car crash according to the National Safety Council. Who are the people least likely to buckle up while driving?

Teenagers just learning to drive, rural drivers, intoxicated drivers, and commercial truck drivers are at most risk of injury or even fatality, as well as being the cause of an accident.

Respond Safely to Tailgaters

One element of defensive driving is to keep a reasonable amount of space empty between and around you and another car. Just because you are following this rule doesn’t mean other drivers will also!

Do you see someone following too closely behind your car? Try to add as much space that is between you and the car in front. This decreases the possibility of a collision while increasing your ability to see and react in time if a collision is about to happen.

Become a defensive driver to become a better and responsible driver. Enroll yourself or a loved one in Jacob’s Driving and Traffic School’s defensive driving course today!